Grids & Dots announce forthcoming EP with single Imposter Friends

Ahead of the release of their new EP Found You On The Weekend, Grids & Dots sparkle with their new single Imposter Friends

Sydney indie-synth rock group Grids & Dots lament the loss of fake friends and the lack of authenticity that surrounds them in Imposter Friends.

Dazzling and shimmery with layered vocals and eighties inspired synth, Imposter Friends is full of relatable melancholy.

Imposter Friends feels plucked from another time; just out of reach among the clouds.

A deep male vocal topped with a smooth female lead make for an entrancing performance.

They echo and chase each other, running in circles as they pledge to never make the same mistakes again.

There is something sonically unique about Imposter Friends; notes that feel out of place and swells that keep you on edge, but all the while creating a cohesive soundscape to disappear into.

Lyrically Imposter Friends hits hard. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean stripping them of their poignancy; most times it means the opposite.

There’s an anthemic soundtrack quality to Imposter Friends, a climax that continually feels both out of reach and omnipresent.

The single arrives with an accompanying video, one that leans into the lightness where the track itself is coated in darkness.

The band seem joyous and free as they groove with their respective instruments, enjoying every moment.

The visuals add nicely to the dichotomous nature of the track, the freedom that comes in letting go and the pain that sweeps in when you realise your faith has been misplaced.

Imposter Friends is by far Grids & Dots strongest moment to date.

The single nails their affinity for genre-blending and emotional contrast, as well as highlighting their musical talent. There is something about this track that is addictive.

With something new to notice through every listen, Imposter Friends is an invigorating take on indie music.

As the beacon of their upcoming EP, Imposter Friends promises something special.

If the remaining three tracks are anything like this one, Grids & Dots are in for a remarkable year.