Dad Bod uncover the lore behind their upcoming album ‘Loop De Loop, Miracle Ministries, Lords of Glory’

The lore behind Dad Bod’s imminent album reads like a fantasy novel, heightening the anticipation around what’s sure to be an ascendant project.   

Once we got a taste of Dad Bod’s recent single Alcohol, we couldn’t give enough. Since then, the Australian band has released Fine Print, with both tracks lifted from Dad Bod’s forthcoming album.

Titled Loop De Loop, Miracle Ministries, Lords of Glory, the album will undoubtedly usher in a new era for Dad Bod, who said Alcohol “showed the new sound and direction of the band” in an interview with Happy Mag

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

Ratcheting the anticipation around their album up to fever pitch, Dad Bod have swung by Happy to uncover the lore behind Loop De Loop, Miracle Ministries, Lords of Glory.

Spiritual soldiers and celestial bodies await you, but in the meantime, listen to Dad Bod’s recent single Alcohol below.   

Praise be my child. We await miracles today Welcome sons and daughters, children upon glory. May the glory of the supreme rest upon you.

We, the lords of glory, are not producers of our own light, but are simply borrowers of glory from the supreme. And you too, can be filled with the power of the supreme. My it overflow every orifice.

For our newcomers, allow us to welcome you. (Majesty supreme). We invite you to be witness to the vision and mission of loop de loop miracle ministries. Trust in the loop and BELIEVE in the power of the supreme.

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

We lords are simply conduits for the supreme. Spiritual soldiers, imprisoned in flesh, sent to earth to experience our temporal state, and spread the love and glory of the supreme.

The story of Loop de Loop miracle ministries begins with the original five and the first apparition. One night, the original five were transported to a dark forest in an unknown location.

Lost and afraid, they came upon a column of shimmering light, and when they looked into its shine, there appeared to them celestial bodies of indescribable glory, which showed them unspeakable things.

These celestial beings consumed the original five with their splendor. The lords of glory now walk the earth, inhabiting the bodies of the original five, spreading their message of love and death.