Owls Of Neptune spread their wings to take their latest album ‘Soldier On’ on tour

Fresh off the release of their stellar latest album Soldier On, Owls Of Neptune have unveiled plans for an Australian tour. 

Recorded at Six Strings Studios and Glasshouse Studios on the Sunshine Coast QLD, their second album has plenty of what’s become expected from Owls of Neptune.

That is a diverse range of songs with plenty of hooks. We journey with them through some pretty hard hitting rock tunes, and find ourselves day dreaming in amongst some floating grooves. 

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

Front man Pete Gray comments: “Overall, the album speaks of continuing your personal path, staying true to yourself and learning life lessons.

It voices the frustration of the mundane and learning the higher spiritual lessons’, we have so much material it was quite a process to organise the songs we selected for the album.

We like to take our audience on trip as we do in our live sets, so it was important to us to keep the dynamics we have become known for. We are happy with the variation the listeners will experience on this album.

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

“We were stoked to be awarded a RADF Grant to help the fund a portion of the recording, we are very grateful to be recognised in that way.

I really feel like we stepped it up a notch in the construction of these songs and how we’ve developed our sound. We’re so eager to share our new music with everyone along the tour. Looking forward to travelling with the band and having some fun along the way”.

‘Soldier On’ was mixed by Angus Woodhead who adds  “I take my hat off to these guys, live drums (no samples) no click track which gives a live feel, no auto tune on Pete’s vocals, real guitar amps (no digital emulators).

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

“This band has great energy rock music captured the old-fashioned way”. The album will be released upon the eve of the first leg of the tour, February 16th 2024.

The first stop will be the prestigious Agnes blues, roots and rock festival where the foursome will be sharing the stage with some of their favourite artists they have met along their travels including Katanak, Flaskas, Sugarbag Blonde amongst many more.

The festival opens 16th February and Owls of Neptune play on 17th. The next stop will see them travel down to New South Wales. Stopping in at the Black Duck Brewery in Port Macquarie.

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

Owner Al Owen: “Black duck has supported live music from the very early days. The nights when the audience is lapping up the show, the artist is lapping up the audience, and the brewery has an atmosphere you don’t get anywhere else, which makes it all worthwhile. We provide the space for artists to be artists and the audience to get the best show they can.”

Travelling south right to the heart of the city of Sydney in the Alley band room, George Street to play with some new and rising talent, then partaking in a Sunday session in Woy Woy at the Link N Pin playing with ‘Thirty Three Degrees, a band they met up in Airlie Beach Festival of Music and have developed a great relationship with.

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

Their Band Manager, radio host and avid supporter of new music Stephen Chapman, wants to put Woy Woy on the map as a great stop for travelling artists.

The owners of Link N Pin have long supported grassroots musicians travelling up and down the East coast with a groovy cafe vibe and a rockstar attitude.

Next stop is Gold Coast at Vinnies Dive bar. A longstanding venue for the Gold Coast music scene. They will be sharing the stage with the theatrical ‘Is mankind’ and ‘The Drunken Midnight Choir’. Two much loved Gold Coast artists. 

Travelling onward to Brisbane’s Tomcat and then to rock their exclusive home show at the Sunshine Coast, award-winning venue, Solbar with some of the best local acts in support.

They head back down to New South Wales via Brisbane’s Greaser bar to Manly’s newest live music venue ‘Shark bar’ onto the North Wollongong hotel for a Sunday session before heading home to rest up. 

Tickets for select shows can be found online at www.owlsofneptune.com 

In the meantime, listen to Owl Of Neptune’s new album Soldier On below.