Owls of Neptune choose to ‘Soldier On’ with radiant new single

“Soldier On is about staying true to yourself,” Sunshine Coast’s Owls of Neptune said of their resplendent new single. 

Owls of Neptune have done away with other people’s judgments on Soldier On, a stirring rock cut that serves as the band’s latest single.

Opening with the warmth of rustic guitar licks, the track is anchored by a melodic bassline — so catchy you’ll be humming its tune for days — which later makes way for rhythmic percussion. 

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

There’s a blissful simplicity to the instrumentation, which gradually layers onto itself until the Sunshine Coast outfit have created a rich tapestry of soft-rock grooves.

In its early moments, Soldier On is carried by a quieter, folksy energy, with commanding acoustics and the subtle twang of frontman Pete Gray’s vocals. 

This sun-drenched energy appears later on, too, with an outro dedicated to a fuzzy surf rock guitar section that perfectly encapsulates the single’s leisurely pacing.

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

While these more resplendent flares make Soldier On seem purpose built for a lazy summer day bike ride or road trip, that’s not to say the track is without rougher edges. 

The chorus allows ample room from drummer Matt Brook to contribute noisier moments, with punchy drum rolls that usher in a more explosive texture with the assist of Todd Fajdiga’s rich guitar melodies.

The result is an easygoing soft-rock cut that toes the line between sonic catharsis and bittersweet nostalgia. 

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

So tangible is the sound that you can’t help but imagine blaring Soldier On with the windows down while driving on a wide-open road, meandering dreamily to untouchable horizons.

To conjure such feelings — a feat helped along by Gray’s raw vocals — is one thing, but Owls of Neptune add even more richness through the power of their pen. 

With it, the band delivers a manifesto about the necessity of moving forward even as life becomes increasingly hectic. “Is it only in my head that I feel free?” Gray pines, “If I let you in my heart you’d only see, I’m alone again.”

It’s a tale of life’s ceaseless continuation that, while universal, also holds special importance for the band. 

Owls of Neptune single 'Soldier On'

“Soldier On is about staying true to yourself and walking your own path despite what anyone else is saying,” Gray said in a press statement.

Soldier On is the latest single to be lifted from Owls of Neptune’s sophomore album, which is set for release in early 2024.

In the meantime, get swept up in the nostalgia trip that is Owls of Neptune’s new single Soldier On below.