Dad Bod pine over an addictive muse on new single ‘Alcohol’

Dad Bod flit between psychedelia and soft indie rock on blissful new single Alcohol.  

Dad Bod have shared the first taste of their upcoming album, a shimmering single titled Alcohol.

Opening with the twinkle of sun-drenched guitars, the track at once feels both warm and melancholic, a feat helped along by subtle rattling percussion and rustic brood of the lead vocals.

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

Alcohol coasts by on a soft, indie rock groove, adopting a leisurely pace that seems purpose built for a bike ride on a December day. 

There’s a simplicity to the instrumentation that makes the opening moments of Alcohol breeze by with the ease of a summer’s afternoon.

Opting for sparse yet enrapturing melodic rhythms and the coaxing fuzz of guitar, Dad Bod do away with flashy production that might’ve otherwise proved too dizzying. But even for all its airy lightness, Alcohol is not without its punchier moments. 

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

On the ascendent chorus, Dad Bod combine their efforts for a gradual build up that crescendos to triumphant effect, as whispery vocals harmonise alongside glittery cymbals, layered supporting riffs, and an explosion of psychedelic flairs.

The result is a track that flits between moments of softness and brazenness with finesse, and one that’s equally focussed on storytelling. 

Here, Dad Bod compare the song’s subject to the addictive intensity and smoothness of a beverage, cooing affectionately about a muse who “goes down like alcohol.”

There’s a richness to the imagery on Alcohol, with lyrics that paint vignettes of a woman so vivid you can almost envision her. 

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

There’s mentions of the “sparkle in her eyes” and “the way she bites her lips,” with Dad Bod paying keen attention to sensory details like perfume and “the curvature of her hips.”

It’s a poetic image of a woman as equally resplendent as Alcohol’s soundscape, which dips into psychedelia while remaining altogether warm and inviting. 

Alcohol will form part of the tracklist of Dad Bod’s upcoming album, titled Loop De Loop, Miracle Ministries, Lords of Glory, which they are currently working on.


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The band, first formed in 2018, is now composed of founders and brothers Michael, Marcus, and Matthew Marinos, as well as Russ Allphin and Michael James Morgan.

Alcohol is the first morsel of what’s sure to be a breakout album by Dad Bod. Listen to the band’s new single below.