“It just felt right:” Dad Bod talk ‘Alcohol’ and writing lyrics that stick

“We always just want to serve the song,” Utah band Dad Bod said of the force behind their new single Alcohol. 

Earlier this month, we were treated to a slice of indie psych-rock in the form of Alcohol, the addictive new single from Dad Bod.

Lifted from the band’s upcoming album, the track coasts on simplistic instrumentation before reaching ascendant heights on the chorus, as punctuated by evocative lyrics. 

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

So feverish was our reaction to Alcohol that we simply had to catch up with the Utah band for a deep dive into the new single, plans for the future, and writing lyrics that “just felt right.”

Catch our full interview with Dad Bod below, and scroll down to listen to their new single Alcohol.   

HAPPY: What are you up to today?

DAD BOD: Currently, a few of us are travelling. Michael is in Hawaii and Russ is in New Mexico. Just enjoying the scenery and getting away! (Sorry Matthew, Marcus and Michael we miss you!)

HAPPY: What does a typical day look like when recording a track like ‘Alcohol’?

DAD BOD: We recorded Alcohol at our friend’s house/studio in North Salt Lake City called Orchard Studios. It was a snowy February day, and we played live all together.

So what you hear is I believe the 3rd take of all of us playing live, with a few over dubs on the vocals and guitars, percussion. 

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

HAPPY: What does the process look like when selecting a lead single for an album, as you have with ‘Alcohol’?

DAD BOD: Ever since Alcohol was born, it’s always felt like the next thing we’ve wanted to release. Russ wrote the lyrics in our rental home while we were on tour in Las Vegas last year.

We then jammed it all together in Los Feliz at one of our next stops on the tour, and we knew we had something special. We felt like it showed the new sound and direction of the band. 

HAPPY: Why was alcohol the right choice for the comparisons you make to the track’s muse?

DAD BOD: I think it just felt right. The song is inspired by our own personal experiences, and when Russ started singing and writing those lyrics, it just stuck. 

HAPPY: How do you ensure that each of the bandmates’ strengths are utilised when recording a song like ‘Alcohol’?

DAD BOD: It just kind of naturally happens. The more we play it and write it together, the more we each can add our own touch. We always just want to serve the song. 

Dad Bod single 'Alcohol'

HAPPY: How is ‘Alcohol’ representative of the broader tracklist on ‘Loop De Loop, Miracle Ministries, Lords of Glory’?

DAD BOD: I think it represents the record’s tone and overall sound quite well. We’ve been really inspired by 90s artists lately (Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis, Elliott Smith, etc.) 

HAPPY: What sounds, genres, or new territories can listeners expect on ‘Loop De Loop’?

DAD BOD: Listeners can expect a level of production that we haven’t had yet. Every other release has been self recorded, and we were able to use a lot more production wise this time. 

HAPPY: Now two albums into your discography, is there a certain level of having to “prove yourself” that comes with the album-making process?

DAD BOD: I think a little bit, you always feel like the next release is better which keeps you pushing towards the next thing.


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HAPPY: Is there anything you’ve watched or read that inspires your artistry as a band?

DAD BOD: We all went and saw Stop Making Sense the Talking Heads film, and that was quite inspiring. 

HAPPY: What makes you happy?

DAD BOD: Music, weed, love, friendship, a good goof!