Lazy Dingo succumb to procrastination of debut EP ‘I’ll Do It Tomorrow’

From surfy fuzz grooves to grittier rock standouts, Lazy Dingo’s debut EP I’ll Do It Tomorrow is anything but indecisive.  

Lazy Dingo have released their debut EP I’ll Do It Tomorrow.

Contrary to its title, the six-track project from the Melbourne quartet is anything but meandering, instead possessing a clear vision for a band committed to sonic diversity and shimmering indie-rock.

Lazy Dingo EP 'I'll Do It Tomorrow'

The project opens with the fuzzy guitar melodies of the title track, which coasts on infectious drawling “yeahhhs” courtesy of vocalist Harrison Haintz. 

An ode to the entrapment of procrastination, I’ll Do It Tomorrow carries a free-spiritedness and leisurely pacing that remains a throughline for the entire EP.

Younger comes alive with Lachie Ross’ groovy bass and the sun-drenched handiwork of lead guitarist Aidan Chen, while She Loves To Dance is buoyed by Ross’ twinkling keys. 

Lazy Dingo EP 'I'll Do It Tomorrow'

The latter track marks a welcome change of pace, peppered with airy vocal riffs and a more sombre vocal performance reflecting bittersweetly on a muse who “makes me feel good everywhere.”

That storytelling quality continues on Just A Dream, a grittier rock cut that sees Lazy Dingo muse on drunken nights in basements and “light[ing] the fire that burns your brain.” 

While it’s difficult to pin I’ll Do It Tomorrow to any one specific sound, the tracks coalesce around a tangible sense of fun, with each entry seemingly purpose-built for an intoxicating live rendition.

Lazy Dingo EP 'I'll Do It Tomorrow'

Roadworks at once recalls the likes of Spacey Jane and Powderfinger, while final track Today ends the EP on a riotous note, with Benny Grayson’s thumping percussion, screechy electric guitars and an ascendant chorus destined for infinite sing-alongs. 

While I’ll Do It Tomorrow would feel like a feat for any band, it’s especially impressive given that it marks Lazy Dingo’s first-ever release, ushering in what’s sure to be a breakout moment for the four-piece.

What’s more, the best might still be yet to come, as Lazy Dingo have plans to return to the studio for even more stellar tunes. 

In the meantime, listen to Lazy Dingo’s debut EP I’ll Do It Tomorrow below.