Dilan Aimanda finds ‘The Answer’ on resplendent new single

Heartfelt lyrics and restless genre-hopping define The Answer, the new single from Western Sydney’s Dilan Aimanda. 

Dilan Aimanda has released the latest taste of his forthcoming album, a groovy slow-burn titled The Answer. Coasting on an infectious and funky bassline, the single remains buoyant through the sheer charisma of Aimanda’s vocals.

While there’s certainly a retro funk feel about the song — complete with a pulsating bass and subtle cymbals — Aimanda is unbothered by the constraints of any one sound, flitting seamlessly to new sonic avenues.

Dilan Aimanda single 'The Answer'

At some points, The Answer might feel at home in an indie rock record, adorned in fuzzy guitar strums and the rustic warmth of Aimanda’s timbre.

Elsewhere, it feels distinctly like soulful RnB, as Aimanda slinks acrobatically around the beat and delivers earworm croons. All of it is bound by a bedroom pop aesthetic, which later results in glittery keys and popping sound effects. 

Later, the track even heads to jazzier territory, with seemingly improvised instrumentation and the assist of Aimanda’s scat-like delivery.

To draw from such an eclectic array of sounds without feeling like a mish-mash is no small feat, and The Answer owes much of its cohesion to the artist himself.

Dilan Aimanda single 'The Answer'

Aimanda’s buttery voice remains the major drawcard, allowing him to traverse genres and find his place within them. 

To top it all off, Aimanda pairs the diversity of his sound with heartfelt lyricism, lovingly paying ode to a muse whose love was “right in front of my eyes.”

Lesser artists might have relied solely on the energetic production, but Aimanda complements his sound with a level of intimacy that’s all-too-often overlooked in the pop sphere. 

Dilan Aimanda single 'The Answer'

“All this time spent looking for an answer,” he pines triumphantly on the infinitely replayable hook, “but all I’ve ever wanted was right in front of my eyes.”

It’s a message of love that pairs perfectly with The Answer’s upbeat tune, and one that’s sure to usher in Aimanda’s breakout moment. 

The Answer is the latest preview of Aimanda’s upcoming album Gokula, which is said to be inspired by the Western Sydney musician’s travels, memories and childhood.

While the anticipation for the album is at fever pitch, all we have for now is the sonic splendour of The Answer. Listen to Aimanda’s new single below.