Dirty Mindsets “really couldn’t give a shit” on blistering new single ‘Want It All’

We wanted an angry song, so we based it on people we hate talking to,” Sydney band Dirty Mindsets set of their mosh-ready new single Want It All.  

Dirty Mindsets have released their new single Want It All. A sonic middle finger to one’s detractors, the alt-rock cut opens with punkish vocals courtesy of bandmate Dylan, who sings of a particularly troublesome muse about whom he “really couldn’t give a shit, anyway.

The searing attitude is helped along by punchy guitar riffs and thunderous drums, which make way for a catchy call-and-response chorus perfectly made for singing (or more accurately, screaming) along.

Dirty Mindsets single 'Want It All'

There’s a nostalgia to the single’s particular brand of rock, with the kind of angsty lyricism and thrashing soundscape that you might’ve heard in an early-aughties moshpit.

It’s a feat achieved through the band’s mastery of their chosen instruments, with remaining bandmates Blake, John and Jordan each nailing their sequences of guitar, drums and bass, respectively. The result is a blissfully noisy exercise in excess, seemingly purpose-built for the heave of a sweaty audience.  

Want It All was first written a few years ago, and was born out of a rough melodic rhythm conceived by John. After that, the band introduced a drum sequence “for good measure” and have since incorporated the single in live shows, sometimes with the interpolation of the Friends theme song.

We wanted an angry song, so we based it on people we hate talking to and hearing about,” Dirty Mindsets explained in a press statement. “We put ourselves in the mind of a pessimist.” 

Dirty Mindsets single 'Want It All'

Dirty Mindsets are based in Western Sydney, and was founded in 2013 by high school friends John and Blake before Dylan and Jordan rounded out the quartet. Want It All is accompanied by fellow single Bored, with a handful of almost finished tracks set to arrive soon.

Listen to Dirty Mindsets’ new single Want It All below, and head here to find out more information about the Sydney band.