DMA's – So We Know

When I first listened to this song (five minutes ago from writing) I knew nothing about these dudes. There is something indescribably beautiful about listening to a track with zero expectations. Especially when it turns out to be a real cracker of a song.


It’s time to get with the feelings on the fresh, tender new track So We Know from Newtown fellows DMA’s.

So We Know is a fresh new ballad from Newtown boys DMA’s, which will be released abroad in Europe and the US alongside Laced in a double-single format in what I am guessing is an attempt at world domination through manipulating everybody’s ‘feels’ into quiet submission. Much like you would rock a baby to sleep. If world domination has to happen, this has got to be the best way for it to take place.

I’m a girl who loves folk and acoustic-alternative-songwriteryness, but it can get drab and flavourless pretty quickly. In order to keep me hooked in, I need to feel that raw emotion and boy, Tommy O’Dell’s warm, husky vocals has it in spades. A minimal arrangement consisting of acoustic guitar and minimal percussion keeps the focus on O’Dell’s heart-wrenchingly beautiful voice. The fact that this song was basically conceived and given birth to – for want of a better analogy – in guitarist and lyricist Johnny Took’s bedroom, definitely sheds light on the radiating warmth and personal feel of the song in terms of production.

So We Know is that song you want playing quietly on your radio on a rainy Sunday morning when you’re drifting in and out of sleep. It’s a song you want to enjoy all on your own in the peace and quiet of your cosy/dilapidated little home whilst you are busy doing absolutely nothing.



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