Going, going, goon: raise a cask to Keggin, the undisputed lords of boozy rock n roll

Does Fruity Lexia really make you sexia? It’s a question any right minded, goon loving Australian has probably asked themselves at least once, but been far too shitbrained at the time to achieve a real answer.

Philosophy under the influence of booze is a tough ask, it’s like driving through heavy fog. What it takes is someone who has boozed so much that they’ve achieved a state of goon-wrought zen, an enlightenment that few reach in their earthly lifetimes.

Keggin are practitioners of alcoholic wisdom-finding, wine-drenched rock ‘n’ rollers who wear their name and drinking habits on their sleeves. If you’ve ever considered yourself a fan of cask wine, working class beer or a spot of the spirits, these fellas are for you.


Lift a glass, keg or cask to Keggin, the boozy bandits pumping out overproof jams you’ll want to drink up again and again.

We caught up with these lords of the cask ahead of their headline show at Ding Dong Lounge, wanting to get to the bottom of these prolific characters. Unsurprisingly, they had plenty to say on the topic of why they’ve chosen goon as their poison of choice.

“Firstly, we take offence to the word poison. We prefer to call it the ‘elixir of the gods’. Secondly, we didn’t choose goon as our mascot, it chose us. There was a beam of light that broke through the clouds on stormy day, and at the end of that beam shone a single goon bag.”

“It was the goon who chose us to spread its heavenly message. The message was that ‘Fruity Lexia Makes You Sexia’, which is also the title of our latest EP.”

On the heart and soul of the band itself, they proposed quite a lovely simile:

“Keggin are like that night you got too drunk with your mates, spent all night singing your favourite songs and woke up cuddling an empty goon sack you’d blown up as a pillow. You regret none of it.”

We’ve all been there, Keggin.

If you’re beginning to identify a little too closely with these wine-laden rock ‘n’ rollers, you may be thinking to yourself; there are so many delectable incarnations of Australian cask wine… which do you choose?

As with everything else goon-related, Keggin have the answer.

“Golden Oak. The Goon Song music video was inspired by that very brand of sweet white wine. We had 50 casks (or 200 litres for those playing at home) of goon and had one hell of a party. The end result, well, you’ll just have to watch and see…!”

To date Keggin have two EPs to their name, the first named Red, White and Spew and the followup lovingly titled Fruity Lexia Makes You Sexia, as mentioned earlier. The EPs are back-to-back with Aussie pub rock at its finest, knocking back singalong tunes the likes of Night of the Living RedGoon But Not Forgotten and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Goon.

Obviously, the puns flow even better than boxed wine for these legends. Yet, there’s certainly more where that came from.

“We’ve just finished writing some new songs for our third EP, one which will, of course, pull some serious heart strings and get the nostalgia of your teenage years flowing. Keep an eye out for Goon of Fortune.”

Keggin’s show at Ding Dong Lounge takes place on Saturday May 27, where they’ll be celebrating the official release of their upcoming clip for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Goon. Fellow legends The Stiffys and Social Skills will be stepping up to the support slots.

Find all the details you need on the Facebook event. Oh, and a word of advice from the band:

“Don’t pre-drink too hard. We’ve teamed up with Ding Dong Lounge to offer three amazing goon cocktails on the night. They’ll be serving ‘Goon Sangria’, ‘Goon Sunrises’ and our favourite, ‘Jungle Juice’ all for only $5…! We’ll also be playing a bunch of new songs, and really bringing the party.”