After a string of EPs, cassettes and 7″ releases, Eagulls is the debut LP by the English post-punk band of the same name. It dropped on the 3rd of April, but has already captivated the dark hearts of scuzzy rock fans world-wide. These guys hail from the dreary, snow sodden streets of Leeds, and their music kinda reflects that aesthetic.

Don’t feel too ashamed or confused if you got the band mixed-up with their 1970s American counterpart The Eagles and their cheesy (but classic) hit Hotel California. Despite their shared admiration for winged predators, sonically the two couldn’t be more different. Eagulls are dark and loose; their sound consists of distorted, clashing guitar, buzzing, and reverberations of bass with muffled, indistinctive vocals.

eagulls cassetteLeeds born, council-flat dwelling five piece Eagulls have released their first LP to rave reviews. You’ve probably heard Possessed on the radio, and rightly so.

Eagulls prioritize their enactment of frustration and rebellion over the articulation of their lyrics. Dissonant and almost chaotic, Eagulls sound is inspired by the likes of Nirvana and Black Sabbath, drawing on the roots of punk-rock and heavy metal. Nerve Ending, the first track on the album, is cluttered with layers of metallic and brittle guitar. It is full to the brim with angst, as the vocals border screamo, with the words barely distinguishable from each other.

Yellow Eyes is a definite highlight and begins with a thin veil of a single guitar and a hollow drum beat which slowly builds, as the vocalist experiments with his pitch, sliding slightly in and out of tune for effect. Tough Luck is up next, ridden with the same dreary layers of wailed vocals, echoed guitar licks and distorted, shadowy synth.

Overall, the album is hypnotically repetitive, allowing the distortion to steal your focus, diverting your ears to the sombre and fuzzy bass-lines. Having already played alongside much bigger names, including Franz Ferdinand, Eagulls are bound to capture the interest and ears of like minded rockers on their journey into the dark, rainy alley ways of rock and roll.

These guys are on a massive tour of Europe and the US now, check out their website for details.



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