Embracing Vulnerability: Elle Shimada’s genre-defying single “ABOUT BLANK ____”

Get ready to embark on a genre-bending sonic odyssey as Elle Shimada, makes a triumphant return with her latest release, “ABOUT BLANK ____.”

Elle Shimada, the prodigious violinist, producer, curator, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist, is back on the sonic horizon with her groundbreaking release, “ABOUT BLANK ____,” featuring the extraordinary vocalist, Rara Zulu.

Hailing from Tokyo but now based in Melbourne, Elle Shimada fearlessly explores the depths of sound and emotion in her latest offering. With a fusion of Drum n Bass, Jazz and electronic textured soundscapes, “ABOUT BLANK ____” makes for an unparalleled and captivating sonic experience.

elle shimada

Shimada’s innate ability to craft genre-defying music places her at the forefront of the electronic scene, pushing boundaries and defying expectations. This single is a testament to her visionary artistry.

The lyrics, brought to life by the mesmerizing vocals of Rara Zulu, offer an unfiltered and sincere glimpse into the journey of strong, independent women as they navigate the intricacies of vulnerability and emotions.

Shimada’s delivery is nothing short of a revelation, showcasing her unparalleled talent for capturing the essence of the human experience through her musical creations. The themes explored in “ABOUT BLANK ____” resonate deeply with audiences, provoking both introspection and admiration.

Reflecting on her latest work, Shimada shares her profound insights:

“Dear ‘Strong Independent Human,’

No one comprehends the struggle it took for us to attain this level of tenderness. We have weathered storms, only to be concerned about a mere droplet of rain.

Yet, I have come to realize that the true transformation lies in making peace with our messy, human emotions.

Writing ‘About Blank ____’ proved to be a therapeutic journey for me. Through the creative process, the song compelled me to confront the thoughts I had buried deep within my heart—a necessary step towards embracing these emotions and evolving with a lighter spirit.

With the powerful collaborations of Rara Zulu’s mesmerizing vocals and Bella Waru’s expressive movements, I am proud to present my ‘raw & real’ with this song.

May this composition reach you like a warm embrace, a sonic sanctuary where we can all surrender ourselves. Not in a tragic sense, but rather as a gentle and extended exhale.”

Elle Shimada has rapidly gained recognition for her captivating musical endeavors, consistently merging richly layered string arrangements with innovative beats inspired by the new-jazz movement. The result is an extraordinary blend of emotive, cinematic, and otherworldly soundscapes that seamlessly transcend borders and captivate global audiences. Having already delivered a legendary mix for HÖR Berlin, Shimada now sets her sights on supporting esteemed artists such as Alfa Mist, Liv.e, Obonjayar, and Flying Lotus on tour.

Harnessing the unifying power of music, Shimada champions a dance-floor-activism that is inclusive, honest, and unfiltered. Her relentless dedication to her craft ensures that 2023 will be yet another milestone year for this rapidly rising talent. Prepare to be captivated by the musical prowess of Elle Shimada as she continues to reshape the landscape of contemporary music.