Diamonds & Dejavu Tour: Lara Andallo is set to ignite the R&B scene

Lara Andallo, the rising star in Australia’s vibrant R&B scene, is poised to embark on a highly anticipated headline tour at the end of this month.

Following the groundbreaking release of her debut EP, “DIAMONDS & DEJAVU,” Lara has been making seismic waves both at home and abroad. Now, her soulful sound and electrifying stage presence are set to captivate audiences across the East Coast as she takes the stage in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Lara’s journey to this moment has been nothing short of extraordinary. During her recent writing trip to the United States, she garnered recognition and acclaim by being selected for Atlantic’s Asian and Pacific Islander month writing camp.

Lara Andallo EP release

This prestigious opportunity served as a testament to her prodigious songwriting abilities and further solidified her reputation as an artist to watch. In addition, Lara left audiences spellbound with a mesmerizing performance alongside WISH USA on the illustrious Hollywood Blvd, etching her name into the annals of LA’s vibrant music scene.

With her debut EP, “DIAMONDS & DEJAVU,” Lara Andallo has firmly established herself as one of Australia’s most promising R&B artists. This six-track collection showcases her emotional prowess, featuring the stirring single “Year 3000.” An anthem of LGBTQI+ empowerment, Lara’s heartfelt vocals resound with an earnest desire for equality, a fervent longing for a world where love knows no bounds. Her music is a testament to her unwavering conviction, boldly voicing her truth and inspiring others to do the same.

In addition to the powerful “Year 3000,” the EP presents a constellation of other recent hits such as “Head To Toe,” “Diamond In The Rough,” and “What U Want.” Lara also gifts her fans two brand new tracks, “Candy Crushin/DEJAVU” and “Meantime,” immersing listeners in a captivating R&B landscape that embodies her artistic vision.

“Diamonds are made under pressure,” Lara reveals, delving into the thematic core of her EP. Each song captures a pivotal moment of personal crossroads and emotional intensity, drawing inspiration from her own experiences. Through vulnerability and self-discovery, Lara has unearthed the strength and beauty that lies within, symbolized by the diamonds that represent her artistic journey.

To commemorate the release of “DIAMONDS & DEJAVU,” Lara Andallo will take center stage during a three-date East Coast tour. The journey commences on May 31 at the illustrious Mary’s Underground in Sydney, before weaving its way through Melbourne on June 1 at the esteemed Laundry Bar. Finally, the tour concludes on June 8 at the enchanting Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane. These performances promise to leave audiences breathless, yearning for more of Lara’s captivating presence and magnetic R&B stylings.

laura andallo

Prepare to be swept away by Lara Andallo’s enthralling performances and immerse yourself in her extraordinary talent. Tickets for this highly anticipated tour will be available for sale starting at 10 am AEDT on Friday, February 24. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as Lara Andallo illuminates the Australian music landscape with her luminous artistry, solidifying her position as a true star on the rise.


Wednesday 21 May – Mary’s Underground, Sydney NSW
Thursday 1 June – Laundry Bar, Melbourne VIC
Thursday 8 June – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD