LISTEN: Lara Andallo’s sultry debut EP ‘DIAMONDS & DEJAVU’

Lara Andallo will celebrate her first-ever EP DIAMONDS & DEJAVU with a three-date east coast tour later this year.  

Lara Andallo has today (February 23) released her debut EP DIAMONDS & DEJAVU. The six-track collection features EP highlight and recent single Year 3000, which sees the Filipino-Australian singer envision generational equality atop a slinky R&B rhythm and ascendent chorus. “Wish we fell in love in the year 3000,” she sings on the second verse, “When we’d be more than enough.”

Year 3000 — which muses on same-sex romance with emotively penned lyrics — serves as a rejection of the supposed appeal of “that old school love, 90s love,” Andallo explained in a press statement. “For myself as a bisexual woman, I want to love someone in a time where my love is seen as equal & just as valid.” The single is accompanied by a just-released music video, which follows Andallo in the throes of a relationship. Watch that below.

Lara Andallo press image
Credit: Press

Year 3000 joins fellow DIAMONDS & DEJAVU singles Diamond In The Rough, What U Want and Head To Toe, which similarly showcase the singer’s grasp of low-fi and steamy slow-burns. Andallo’s vocals remain an enchanting throughline across all tracks, with the lattermost song sauntering around a trap bass as she sings of “do[ing] it just how you like.”

Lara Andallo EP release
Credit: Adam Saunders

DIAMONDS & DEJAVU is finalised by remaining tracklist entrants Meantime and the Candy Crushin’/ DEJAVU interlude. On the former, Andallo envisions a perfect partner before embracing self-love, while Candy Crushin’ slows down the tempo and likens the namesake video game to a newfound infatuation. By the EP’s end, Andallo “find[s] power in my openness [and] embracing all my sides,” the singer explained.

She continued: “There’s so much strength [and] beauty in that.” Celebrating the release of DIAMONDS & DEJAVU, Andallo has today announced a three-date east coast tour, with shows booked for Sydney (May 31), Melbourne (June 1) and Brisbane (June 8). Tickets to the tour go on sale Friday, February 24 here. Listen to DIAMONDS & DEJAVU above. 

Elsewhere, Andallo provided the chorus on Baker Boy’s 2021 Gela track Headphones, before joining the rapper on tour and appearing at WOMAdelaide. The singer also stopped by Happy Mag for a performance of Diamond in the Rough, for a session recorded in association with Sydney World Pride 2023. Watch that below.