LISTEN: Western Sydney R&B Sensation Déjà Miru Releases Debut Lead Single with Gabby Nacua

The Western Sydney music scene is popping off yet again, with the one and only Déjà Miru dropping his first lead single ‘Grounded’ featuring the super-talented Gabby Nacua.

Hey hey, listen up all you R&B aficionados! Déjà Miru’s Grounded dropped today, (February 23rd) hope you brought your headphones because this is a musical moment you don’t want to miss. Trust us, it’s gonna be fire.

Déjà Miru’s been making waves in the local scene for a minute now, and with this new release, he’s firmly cementing his place among the serious talents coming out of Western Sydney.

But don’t just take our word for it—his own words about the song say it all:

“Anyone who knows me knows how hard it is to share this part of me but this song really is about overcoming that, not overthinking and living in the moment.”

So there you have it. Get ready to live in the moment with Déjà Miru and Gabby Nacua’s killer new jam, give it a listen below:


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