Engineering the Sound: in the mix with AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station

The Alborosie Dub Station is a fresh collab between Alborosie and AudioThing. The Engineering the Sound team couldn’t wait to get it in the studio.

The team at Engineering the Sound was lucky enough to get its hands on the Alborosie Dub Station, Alborosie and AudioThing’s tribute to the iconic dub producer, King Tubby. The plugin features exacting recreations of key pieces from his studio.

Alborosie is an Italian-Jamaican producer, who has made his way to the top of the game as a solo Reggae artist and producer in his adopted country. He’s understandably a fan of King Tubby, the legendary producer who was one of the originators of dub.

The Alborosie Dub Station brings the unmistakable sound of three seminal weapons in King Tubby’s arsenal — an MCI 2-track tape machine, a Fairchild spring reverb, and an Altec high pass filter — to in-the-box producers.

As with other plugins in the AudioThing collection, it prioritises ease-of-use with a single-screen interface, populated with clear and intuitive controls. Dub, of course, is a form of live remixing, so the Alborosie Dub Station is made for hands-on ‘performing’ of the mix, rather than a set and forget situation.

Alborosie Dub station article

Adopting classic dub techniques is a great way to inject movement and space into a mix of any genre. The Alborosie Dub Station offers up a complete, yet affordable toolset for exploring this style, while staying in the workflow of your favourite DAW.

To pick up your copy, visit the AudioThing website.