‘Doom 3’ looks even more terrifying in its upcoming VR edition

Doom 3, the original reboot of the iconic Doom franchise, is receiving a brand new coat of paint. But in this case, the paint is full VR.

Doom 3 was originally released in 2004 to much acclaim and fanfare. It marked the first time id Software decided to give a serious rethink to the direction that had proved so successful for their biggest franchise. In 2021 they are revisiting that vision and transforming it for VR.

The focus in Doom 3 was firmly placed on the inherent horror of the scenario; demons invading our reality. The chaos, huge guns, and legions of enemies to mow down were still present. However, Doom 3 succeeded in pacing itself more deliberately to provide the player with a more cinematic, narrative-based experience.

doom 3

To put it bluntly, it was bloody terrifying. I remember crowding around an old PC with friends and squealing in horror as we encountered our first demonic bulldog creature. For the first time in a Doom game I felt immersed in the terrifying world – it felt less like a game and more like an experience.

Essentially meaning, Doom 3 is the perfect breed of game to be transformed into a fully immersive VR experience.

The details that have emerged so far are promising. Doom 3 VR Edition will include both of the original’s expansion packs: Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions. Doom 3 VR Edition will also feature updated graphics and sound design, and support the use of the PlayStation VR Aim controller.

Various other mechanics have been added to the game to increase player immersion and experience. As publisher Bethesda puts it:

“Feel even closer to the terror with all-new VR enhancements that allow you to peer around corners, angling your shots with flashlight-mounted weapons using motion controls, 180-degree quick-turn functionality to catch demons sneaking up from behind and an immersive wrist-mounted display to track your health, armor and ammo.”


Doom 3 VR Edition is scheduled to be released on PS4, with the PS5 being advertised as fully backwards compatible, on March 29. For more details head here.