Tannah’s single ‘Goodbye, for Now’ is a summer fairy floss dream

In a harmonic, sunstroke melody, Tannah’s single and music video Goodbye, for Now leaves you only wanting more.

Etched in seasonal summer tones, Tannah and her angelic voice are saturated in aesthetic harmonies for the eyes and ears.

The piece, centred around the concept of escaping to an unreachable place, acts almost as a hypnotic sedation, drawing you into the ocean at sunset.


The Sydney artist, a.k.a. Tannah Zancanaro, has been performing as a solo musician for nearly 10 years. This innate experience brings an audible calmness and genuine love in her voice, incredibly soothing with complete and utter control.

The artist wrote Goodbye, for Now towards the end of isolation, when creative freedom was dripping from her fingertips. Together with Beso Palma (Pat Byrne), the dreamy pop piece was brought to life, as warm as the sunrise she sings so fondly of.

The track is an electronically construed piece with the feel of soft R&B pop. Sonically, Tannah pulls the sounds of  waves crashing and electronic laser beams together in a harmonically summery and futuristic song.


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The piece gives off a psychedelic charisma, similar to the echoes of Sycco or George Alice. Accompanied with the track is a retro music video, shot by Jordan De Gersigny from Chapel Studios and directed by Samuel O’Donnell.

The kaleidoscopic dream visual of neon colours leaves the viewer feeling futuristically nostalgic as Tannah glides down the pier strapped in roller-skates. The glow of Tannah’s sweet voice and the golden sun glistening over Lake Tabourie, makes you melt in a sea of fairy floss.

Whilst the cotton candy tones take the reality out of escaping to a tangible place, what comes instead is a transportation to an intergalactic futuristic land where nobody can reach you.

“Daydream to somewhere I can switch off, so I can escape the rush, where I’m unreachable” she sings.

Tannah captures the daydreamy pop aesthetic, places it in a bottle and throws it to a place that can only be reached in our imagination. A depth that is, at times, as unreachable as the ocean she dives into at the conclusion of the video.

Listen to Goodbye, for Now below: