Enjoy a hearty serving of slacker rock with Crepes and Cold Summers

Ballarat born, the charming surf clan Crepes are not to be confused with their fellow B-Rat band counter parts, Gold Fields and Yacht Club DJs. Crepes bring dreamy guitar pop to Melbourne whilst making the Australian accent sound not quite so bad over the top of infectious guitar loops.


Better than a smoke and a pancake, Ballarat bred Crepes nail the floaty vibes of slacker pop. Their Cold Summers EP goes from strength to strength.

Through light and dizzy guitar arrangements and lo-fi garage band vibes, Crepes are specially brought to you by a gang of band members. Introducing: Tim Karmouche on vocals, guitar and keys, Maceo Wood playing guitar, Pat Robbins on the bass, Nick Robbins smashing the drums and Jackson Dahlenburg also on keys. “To me it seems like Ballarat isn’t that much of a music hub, but I guess its had some pretty prolific bands come out of there” says vocalist Tim Karmouche. The five piece met in high school, a common circumstance for most bands. Since these earlier days the band has progressed and the bond between the five strengthened, birthing the arrival of new sounds in 2015.

They’re a little bit mellow, a lot like a mash-up between Mac DeMarco and The Drums. It’s like summer day spent reminiscing and welcoming in the rain. Their first EP, Cold Summers demonstrates the whole laid back, floaty, ‘life’s a beach’ culture of guitar pop. They show similarities to Twerps, Dick Diver and Real Estatefellow Australian bands who commemorate the calm and relaxed Byron Bay vibes, but in an authentic manner. It also might explain climate annoyances and inspiration behind their sometimes rather dreary vocals and slowed down tempos.

The band showcases an overarching theme of a day in the life of the typical slacker. This is also coupled with undertones of the bedroom philosopher making a few armchair viewings and dreamscapes, if you will on society. Crepes come with the latest flurry of dream-pop to entertain the indie-pop outlet, a scene that is flourishing big time but the band manage to keep themselves visible. Their sound and production alone shows maturity and a sense of wholesome collectivity, like they confidently know what their band is about.

Tim explains his band’s landscape on behalf of the other boys, “I think our style contains a lot of pop elements. I liked recording the EP myself because it gave me the chance to explore sonically. For our upcoming album I’d like to blend those pop elements with even more experimentation. We are lucky in Melbourne to be surrounded by so many inspiring peers, its a great culture here with so many fantastic exports.’

Be sure to rate their solid EP, Cold Summers over a cold apple cider and resting upon a comfy futon. Or see Crepes at a show near you.