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“v v v cool… lovely voice and recording v positive happy music…. rock n roll…. infinity effect …carcophany”


These are some comments left on the Soundcloud of Sydney band Ernest Ellis. And while they essentially summarise everything I wish to convey about my new favourite band, it is my job to flesh things out. And flesh things out I will.

Ernest Ellis

With two albums under their high-quality leather man-belt, Ernest Ellis are releasing a new album through Spunk Records this week, March the 7th, 2014 to be precise. It’s called Cold Desire. The cover art to the album Cold Desire may leave some ladies and gents with a “burning desire” as it features a rather lovely man in a dressing down, which frankly, is an under-utilized garment and one I’m glad to see finally represented in a cover sleeve. It’s modern man suave. I love it.

It’s a bit tricky to describe the music of EE. It’s a bit sexy. It’s very charming, and it’s a bit sleazy. But a good type of sleaze. A tame, charming suave-sleaze. Not greasy gross sleaze. Their music is not really pop, but it’s not totally rock either. It’s not completely folk. And it’s not wholly electronic. But it’s bloody great stuff.

One single from the forthcoming album is Shine Like Me. The track is hypnotic, sun tinged, with a good healthy dose of tambourine and sort of sounds like it’s from another era. I’m not even sure what one. It’s really good and excellent. It’s almost quasi religious, or what I’d like religious music to be like, and that’s saying something for this staunch atheist (or not as staunch as once thought.)

Another single from the new album is Inside Out. Well, what. Beautiful. Music. There’s such a strange but pretty quality to the vocal, on both tracks in fact. Inside Out has some electronic undertones and lots of light. And harmonica. It’s incredibly produced creating music that is saxy and sophisticated. I feel pretty special and grown up listening to this. It’s very gentlemanly.

Ernest Ellis is like a beautiful tall drink of whiskey. And only sophistication can come from drinking tall glasses of whiskey.



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March 5, 2014

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