Evanturetime’s delicate debut EP Folds will wrap itself around your body

Singaporean producer Evan Low, otherwise known as Evanturetime, has released his debut EP Folds, and it’s brimming with airy and delicate production that will rope you in and hold you close.

Over the course of its nine track duration, Evanturetime manoeuvres through lush soundscapes and endearingly honest lyricism to deliver an EP that feels introspective and confident.

Folds, the new EP from Singapore-based multi-instrumentalist Evanturetime, is a considered slice of lush, delicate electronica that will completely immerse you.

For the EP, Low enlisted a catalogue of musicians to build more layers upon his minimalist elctronica, including Linying, Charlie Lim, Nathan Hartono, Tim de Cotta, Michael Kaneko and a whole lot more.

The minimalistic feel of the EP is a product of Low’s focused production, sparingly placing melodies and hooks where they are best served. Not a single moment is wasted throughout this release.

Opening track Vultures is glitchy and glassy, with Linying and Charlie Lim’s stirring vocals blanketing the textured production.

Sober shares a similar quality, with Low’s intricate beats creating the perfect bed for a soulful vocal performance. As the track progresses, it builds into a searing indie-pop tune, bursting at the seams with crunching guitar riffs.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.