Ever woken up hungover dressed like a pirate? Lagerstein share their 5 reasons you need to head to Lagerfest

The beery, musical swashbucklers of Lagerstein are well-known for bringing love, merriment and a healthy air of boozy friendship wherever they go. The combo of lager and music goes back beyond the stone age, and none embrace this age-old relationship with more enthusiasm then these jolly ship hands.

They’ll be all hands on deck this February bringing you Lagerfest, a travelling festival that’s promised to bring you everything these lads stand for. With the events so close we can smell the hops, we caught up with the masterminds themselves to find out the 5 reasons you should be donning your tricornes and heading on down.

Take it away, me hearties.

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Champions of everything boozy, the freebooters of Lagerstein are ready to make port in your home city for a day of celebrations at Lagerfest.

The Pirates

Have you ever been to pirate party and not had a good time? That’s a rhetorical question because it’s not possible! If you’ve never dressed up like a pirate for a night of partying then you’re missing one of the best times you could have.

There’s no better excuse to have a good time and we love seeing our fellow pirates out in force. If you’ve never woken up hungover in a pirate costume then you’ve never lived.

The Drinks

You don’t need to have a drink to have a good time, you also don’t need sneakers to go for a run but it sure helps! Whether it’s beer or rum or jagerbombs or whatever, we love having a few cool refreshing beverages throughout the day.

Lagerfest is a big day of partying so you’ll need to keep hydrated and having a drink in your hands gives you an extra lil’ something to do.

The Bands

We love music and we especially love live music. The whole idea of the day is to have fun so we make sure to get bands who know how to have a good time.

Keggin is a band all about goon and their set is a ridiculous laugh. Osaka Punch have their own style of funky groove metal and their energy on stage is infectious. Valhalore are epic viking metal ensemble with beautiful melodies and soaring vocals. Every band brings something unique to the day.

The Beer Bongs

Background story time: every member of Lagerstein has their own beer bong/brother in arms. A jump and spin followed by a beer bong never fails to put a smile on your face.

Whenever we can, we take our loyal companions around the venue to share the experience. Beer Bong Song is our finisher and personally, my favourite part of the show is slamming down a beer bong while playing on stage.

The Atmosphere

Even if you don’t come dressed as a pirate (which you should) the atmosphere at Lagerfest is simple: we’re just there to have a good time and make sure every person has a smile on their face. That’s why we love drinking!

Also going around and talking to as many people as possible and sharing a good time, everyone is there to have fun and the smiles are everywhere. That’s why we love what we do, that’s why we want to share it everywhere and thats why we say party times ahoy!


Lagerfest is hitting Brisbane on Feb 10Sydney on Feb 18 and Melbourne on Feb 25. Head here for all your details.

If you can’t make any of those festivities, catch the rest of Lagerstein’s Aussie tour dates below:

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