Every Night The Same Dream is Ball Park Music’s latest and yes, you’ll be singing along to every single track again

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The five-piece from Brisvegas who have brought us three albums of A+ feel good singalongs have graced us with their fourth studio record, Every Night The Same Dream.

Ball Park Music’s latest offering is a 10-track delight, harbouring a much mellower, introverted tone than we’ve become used to. The album was recorded almost wholly analogue to an old-school four-track at Sound Recordings in Castlemaine, Victoria with the help of longtime collaborator and award-winning producer, Matt Redlich.

Every Night The Same Dream

Ball Park Music have never been a band to shy away from a bold move, and Every Night The Same Dream is easily their most ambitious project yet.

From their daring Bohemian Rhapsody cover at Splendour over two years ago to their stripped back, campfire rendition of It’s Nice to Be Alive this year, Ball Park Music have always shown great comfort in a shifting range of entertaining styles.

Every Night The Same Dream opens with grungy gem Feelings, a real foot-tapping track. Conversational lyrics and a groovy beat make it the perfect intro.

Pariah is the real hero of the record. The seven minute long statement starts off big and slow before bounding into a Radiohead-esque sultry piano baseline for just long enough to have you completely hooked.

What started out a few minutes ago as the sure-fire power ballad of the album very unexpectedly evolves into an incredible, lyricless psychedelic instrumental.

Leef is one of the more melancholy tracks this album has to offer. Sway-worthy guitar, percussion and strings underpin lyrics which are sure to tug on the heartstrings. The final minute of the song is potentially the most emotionally charged of the entire record.

The biggest singalong track is Don’t Look at Me Like That, which starts as a slow ballad before shapeshifting into the ultimate headbanging opportunity. The track quickly simmers down into a full-blown synth outro which could easily slot into the closing credits of an 80’s cop show.

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Ball Park Music have evolved, extending their range into realms of psychedelia and 90’s grunge. The album will make you nostalgic, recall heartbreak or make you phase out of the real world – all in a way which is totally authentic.

Every Night The Same Dream is the type of record you should listen to in full, from start to finish. Every time you do you’ll come away with a new favourite moment.

In extra good news, Ball Park Music are hitting the road with tour dates across the country through September and October. Check whether or not they’re stopping in your town here.