Ex-vocalist from I Killed The Prom Queen issues apology for sexist social media remarks

Ex-singer of I Killed The Prom Queen, Michael Crafter, has released his first official statement since being cut from the 2019 UNIFY lineup for his sexist comments on social media.

UNIFY Gathering made the decision to cut the band as their previous lead vocalist’s comments fell short of the community standards and were deemed deeply offensive to members within the music community.

“These comments are completely unacceptable and contrary to our deeply held values and beliefs that music is for everyone and to be enjoyed by all.”

UNIFY’s decision aimed to create a culture of positive change within the industry and claim their responsibility to call out harmful and unacceptable behaviour in the musical landscape.

Ex-vocalist of I Killed The Prom Queen, Michael Crafter released another lengthy apology addressing his sexist commentary on online forum Broken Glass Online.

Started as something FOR the music scene (but) ended up being a toxic mess of bullying, nudity and online shaming.”

“What I was a part of is indefensible and I don’t want BGO to create more drama for people in 2018.”

Crafter then continued to agree with UNIFY’s decision to cut the band for the unacceptable behaviour and misogynistic comments made on the forum.

“IKTPQ was removed from the festival for my past comments and I think being held to better standards is a good thing.”

The band’s ex-singer then apologised to all those who might have been offended by the statements made on the social media forum.

Crafter also encouraged any individuals who have participated in or facilitated the same toxic behaviour, to do the same.

“If this online forum affected you I sincerely apologise for the forum even existing and wish it actually never did. We need to all be held to better standards, accept our past mistakes and apologise for this. It’s not hard to be better to each other and say sorry if you’ve been a flat-out asshole, bully or know you said some really shitty things”.

Via Music Feeds.