Open your mind with Kundalini Project’s new video Brain Forest

Over the years, we’ve listened to a lot of music here at the magazine… and we can guarantee you, there’s nothing out there quite like Kundalini Project.

Entering his music is like voyaging through some bizarre, unknown world – it’s strange and unrecognisable, but completely fresh and exciting.

Watching Brain Forest, the hypnotic and hallucinatory new video from Melbourne-based producer Kundalini Project, feels like diving into a surreal and completely new world.

On his new track The Brain Forest, Kundalini sails through a hallucinatory blend of atmospheric psychedelia and world beats to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

Having travelled extensively across the world, Kundalini Project has gathered an eclectic range of influences that craft his own individual sound. The Brain Forest‘s accompanying video features a selection of psychedelic imagery that sits perfectly beside the track’s dense soundscapes.

By the time the video reaches its conclusion, its hypnotic visuals will leave you without concept of space or time… the most wonderful feeling of disorientation you’ll ever experience.

The Brain Forest features on Kundalini Project’s incredible Future Mantras EP, which is available for listening on all streaming platforms now.

For now, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for The Brain Forest above.