Sounds like Sydney: a hometown playlist by Florian

Last week we heard Florian’s new single Sweet Devotion for the first time, a delicious cut of refined pop that’s refused to leave our head ever since. It’s an ode to Sydney for all its strengths and flaws – something all of us locals can relate to.

So we asked Florian to put together a Sydney-centric playlist to complement her stellar tune. Whatever your thoughts on our little city, there’s one thing we can agree on; it’s been the source of some amazing music over the years.

florian sydney

Dance until 1:30am with Sounds like Sydney: a playlist celebrating Florian’s bright new single Sweet Devotion.

Flight Facilities – Foreign Language

My first Splendour after I moved to Sydney – Flight Facilities were playing and were easily my stand out! This song was so epic. True story: I actually won a Fender guitar from a photo of me dancing in the mud during their set.

Touch Sensitive – No Other High

A Sydney dude dropping HUGE tunes! This guy is awesome and has the best stank face around.

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Not from Sydney buuuut when the venue I’m in is closing and the only place to go after lockout is Marly Bar, this is the song I request the manager to pop on so I can have a boogie.

Vera Blue – Lady Powers

Vera Blue is a boss lady! We went to uni together and watching her journey has been so cool – she’s a superstar!

John Farnham – That’s freedom

Because… Farnsy…

The Preatures – Girlhood

This album has gotten me through all the tough times sitting on Cleveland St in traffic. Every song is epic! So excited to see them this week on their regional tour.

Christopher Cross – Ride Like The Wind

This song reminds me of Newtown for some reason. Walking down King St and seeing all these people from different walks of life doing their thing!

DMA’s – Believe (Cher cover)

When I first moved to Sydney I played at Omalley’s in Kings Cross every Wednesday for almost two years… it was a topless waitress night … enough said. We would always finish on this song. What a time to be alive.

Wallace – Frame By Frame

Wallace is a leggggend, so talented, and so mesmerising to watch! She works her a$$ off and I’m so proud of everything she does!

Kylie Minogue – Love At First Sight

Yas Kylie! She’s come a long way from Ramsay St. This song reminds me of dance floors all over Syd.


Florian’s new single Sweet Devotion is out now.