PREMIERE: Florian’s new single Sweet Devotion is unashamed glittery pop

Sydney-siders all know the pain. Looking out your window on a picturesque afternoon, knowing very well that you’ll have nothing exciting to do once the sun goes down.

It’s an unfortunate situation we’ve found ourselves in… but thankfully Florian is here to make it all a little better with her shimmering new track Sweet Devotion.

Sweet Devotion, the shimmering and hook-drenched new single from Sydney artist Florian, is a plea for her city to get its shit together.

Being an artist in a curfew-stricken city is a tough ask. Do you flea to Melbourne? Do you flea overseas? Or do you stick around and try to make things better?

On her new track, Florian glides through a unique blend of disco, dream-pop, and a little bit of soul to deliver a vibrant wake-up call to the city she calls home.

Sweet Devotion is dripping with lush synth work, infectious vocal melodies, and unashamedly sugary, 80’s inspired production.

This is only the second single we’ve been treated to from Florian, following up her glittery debut Star Crossed Lover. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait longer for more.

Though for now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.