cate guirguis is done with all the games on sublime debut single ‘ghost’

On her beautiful new single ‘ghost’, Sydney’s cate guirguis pairs heartfelt storytelling with delicate arrangements, establishing herself as a one to watch.   

cate guirguis has reflected on emotional paralysis and mixed messages on her sublime new debut single ‘ghost’. Carried by gentle acoustic guitars and airy harmonies, the indie-pop ballad is arrestingly beautiful in its simplicity.

The sparse instrumentation, save for twinkling piano keys and melancholic guitars, leaves room for the Sydney musician to showcase her heavenly vocals.

cate guirguis 'ghost'

Delivered angelically, guirguis sings with tangible vulnerability, recalling the vocal intimacy of Olivia Rodriogo or Missy Higgins.

‘ghost’ has the same singer-songwriter quality of those greats, with personal yet relatable lyrics seemingly pulled from guirguis’ own diary.

She pairs it with delicate instrumental arrangements that feel both wistful and nostalgic, and lush layered harmonies which allow ‘ghost’ to ascend to the heavens. 

cate guirguis 'ghost'

Lyrically, guirguis sings of the lingering presence of someone who “haunts my memories.” With reflective lines, the singer-songwriter delivers a powerful tale of the scars left behind after someone’s departure.

“Your shadow freely fades away,” she sings, “but I’m still trapped.” It’s a testament to guirguis’ artistry that these lyrics feel universal, as if she’s inviting us into her personal world to lighten these burdens. 

Mastering such candid lyrics on a debut single is a feat in its own right, but ‘ghost’ is especially impressive given that it was also produced by guirguis herself.

Donning even more hats, the musician also directed the single’s official music video, which follows her as she meanders along a secluded shoreline at sunrise.

Catching glimpses in ocean-sprayed mirrors, the video sees guirguis perform a heartfelt rendition of the track with pensive shots of the headlands and a final frame in which her reflection becomes invisible.

cate guirguis 'ghost'

Combined with the tender soundscape, the video delivers on the track’s sad girl, late-night feel, and prepares audiences for the greatness still to come with guirguis’ future releases.    

Get all up in your feels with cate guirguis’ heavenly debut single ‘ghost’ below, and keep an eye out for new music from the Sydney singer-songwriter soon.