Suffer The Evenue unleash on teeth-baring EP ‘Vol 2. Superdeader’

If Suffer The Evenue’s new EP ‘Vol 2. Superdeader’ is this good, then ‘Vol 3.’ can’t come soon enough.  

Suffer The Evenue have upped the ante with ‘Vol 2. Superdeader’, the latest entry in the band’s trio of already stellar EPs.

The four-track collection arrives hot on the heels of ‘Vol. 1 Superdeader’, and sees the four-piece somehow outdo themselves with peppy grooves, poisonous hooks and pristine production

Suffer The Evenue

The EP opens with the doomscape that is ‘Brane Faid’, immediately establishing Suffer The Evenue’s penchant for teeth-baring and revelrous metal.

Clamorous drum beats and searing guitars add even more energy to the track, helped along by hair-raising vocals and sing-along riffs on the chorus. 

Later, finger click percussion and sparse guitars leave room for the band to slow down the tempo, before cathartically unleashing on an outro that’s destined to have moshpits bouncing.

This high-octane spirit continues on lead single and EP standout ‘A New Empire’, which sees Suffer dip into more classic rock stylings with a harder flair. 

Screechy guitar melodies set the scene for this garage-bound track, with electrifying bass and shouted vocals that feel altogether infectious.

Purpose built for a commute home (with the windows up), ‘A New Empire’ is a purging head-thrasher that sees the band deliver roaring instrumentals and impassioned delivery, but it also makes space for quieter moments. 

Towards the end of the track, acoustic riffs introduce a more punk-style second half, with soaring, melodic vocals that give ‘A New Empire’ the distinct feel of a classic rock ballad.

Suffer The Evenue’s knack for bringing their hardcore flairs to more diverse rock makes for a consistently engaging listen, as the band flex their metal muscles alongside an eclectic sonic palette. 

Suffer The Evenue

The Timmy B-assisted ‘Pain’ is perhaps the purest example of all-out hardcore — with vocals drawn as if from the depths of hell — but the band add extra texture with nu-metal-like verses and groovy bass throughlines.

EP closer ‘Compatible Blood’ feels like the worthy culmination of the band’s sound, a slice of classic rock that combines their talents to euphoric effect. 

Suffer The Evenue top it all off with incisive lyricism, tracing everything from a searing takedown of posers and deceivers (‘Brane Faid’), to weaponizing information (‘A New Empire’) and a direct message to those who’ve been “treading all through the shadows” (‘Compatible Blood’). 

Suffer The Evenue

Packing heady themes and diverse sounds within a four-track EP, Suffer The Evenue deliver pure metal revelry with ‘Vol 2. Superdeader’.

It more than readies listeners for the greatness still to come with ‘Vol 3.’, and while we can’t wait to get our hands on that upcoming release, we can at least feast our ears on the deafening glory of ‘Vol 2.’ in the meantime. 

Listen to Suffer The Evenue’s new EP ‘Vol 2. Superdeader’ below.