Aether Glacier are in a league of their own with singles ‘Venus Rose’, ‘Seraphim’ & ‘Earth Angel’

With their three 2024 singles ‘Seraphim’, ‘Earth Angel’ and ‘Venus Rose’, Aether Glacier tread a sonic lane that’s all their own. 

Aether Glacier have marked their arrival with three new singles this year, treating us to their unique sound with ‘Venus Rose’, ‘Seraphim’, ‘Earth Angel’.

The three songs mark the first entries into the musical duo’s discography, setting the scene with an eclectic sound that transcends genres and establishes Aether Glacier as a voice of their own. 

Aether Glacier

The duo is comprised of longtime friends and collaborators Casper Rose and Belle LeBrun, whose shared affinity for transportive sounds results in a truly enrapturing artistry.

While difficult to describe — Aether Glacier sit in that unique niche of truly genreless music — April single ‘Seraphim’ might feel at home on Flume’s ‘Skin’, an intricate slice of glitch-pop that inhabits its own transfixing soundscape. 

At any given moment on ‘Seraphim’ there’s something that catches the ear, from whirring, sci-fi inspired synths to crunchy percussive flairs and angelic yet haunting vocals.

The result is a track so textured you can almost feel it, with a driving beat that steadies the momentum and brings energy to the spacious atmospheric. 

Aether Glacier

This spirit of glitchy ambience continued on May single ‘Earth Angel’, a more vocal-focussed offering that brings Aether Glacier’s storytelling to the fore.

With distorted vocals and alongside celestial production, the duo sing of muse who is “divine inside out”, matching these themes with an equally angelic soundscape. 

Later, the pair pick up the pace with a beat-switch that flexes their EDM muscles, combining the rave-bound sounds of Charli XCX with the experimentalism of Bjork.

The beauty of Aether Glacier’s sound is its resistance to categorisation. ‘Earth Angel’ begins an ethereal dreamscape track before heading to a sweaty dance floor and culminating in airy indie-pop, showcasing the duo’s eclectic sonic palette and spirit of versatility. 

Aether Glacier

Which brings us to the most recent effort ‘Venus Rose’, a standout that offers the clearest distillation of Glacier’s sound.

At once recalling the dark-pop of Lorde or the layered distortion of shoegaze, the track feels like an odyssey through the cosmos, with starry synths and punchy beats that make it as danceable as it is transportive. 

It’s also a welcome spotlight of the duo’s world-building lyrics, which add to the richness of the soundscape and trace feelings of finding oneself and letting your inner “flower bloom.”

It’s a message of the beauty to be found in facing your own demons, brought to life with production that similarly stirs the soul. 

Aether Glacier

Aether Glacier is the cross-continental brainchild of Brisbane musician Casper Rose and Virginia-based Belle LeBrun. They might only have three singles to their name so far, but it’s clear this is just the beginning.

Listen to ‘Seraphim’, ‘Earth Angel’ and ‘Venus Rose’ below.