Psychoda emerge fully formed on new classic rock single ‘Backbone’

If you thought their March track ‘Waste’ was good, just wait ‘till you get a load of Psychoda’s beltering new single ‘Backbone’  

Psychoda have followed up on from the success of their recent single ‘Waste’ with ‘Backbone’, a head-banging rock cut that sees the Australian band sketch new contours of their sound.

While ‘Waste’ delivered teeth-bearing noise, this most recent track finds Psychoda in their classic rock bag, brimming with driving guitars and drums so punchy you’d think they were wearing boxing gloves. 

Psychoda 'Backbone'

The rhythms of ‘Backbone’ are instantly catchy and destined for an angsty commute home with the windows up.

While they clearly possess an ear for their genre, Psychoda also hold space for more melodic moments, with the track’s shouted vocal riff — an infectious “kid!” —  sure to be chanted by crowds at their shows. 

There’s some much-needed moments of grittiness, too. Strident guitars and garage-bound lines adorn ‘Backbone’ without suffocating the vocals, and the band even make room for a discordant electric solo during the track’s latter half.

It’s in these largely instrumental moments that the trio shine, combining their efforts for a cacophony that feels altogether euphoric. 

Psychoda 'Backbone'

Lyrically, ‘Backbone’ sees the band reflect on being unable to find their way, with mentions of lacerated thoughts and one-way trains.

Now with three singles under their belt — namely ‘Waste’ and their 2023 debut ‘Papercuts’ — it’s clear that Pyschoda have continually refined their craft, with ‘Backbone’ the latest in what’s sure to be a stellar discography.

The single is accompanied by an official music video, which follows the band as they perform a thrashing rendition of ‘Backbone’ atop an ocean view headland. Watch that below. 

In celebration of the release, Psychoda will perform at King Street Warehouse in Newcastle tonight (May 17), with tickets available at the door. Do yourself a favour and get there, because ‘Backbone’ simply cannot be missed. 


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Listen to Psychoda’s new single ‘Backbone’ below.