Psychoda deliver pure rock revelry on new single ‘Waste’

Australian band Psychoda have reflected on the fear of withering away on their riotous new rock single, ‘Waste’. 

The track opens with grimy guitar melodies and clashing cymbals, expertly setting the scene for what becomes a teeth-baring, pure rock rager.

In between thunderous drum rolls and ear-splitting bass, the vocals are delivered with an infectious, pop-punk sneer, at once recalling the likes of Gerard Way or Billie Joe Armstrong. 

Psychoda single 'Waste'

While it remains riotously loud throughout, the instrumentation cleverly quiets during the verses, allowing for a more melodic feel in amongst the raucous.

Perhaps the major drawcard of ‘Waste’ is its garage-bound guitars, which feel almost purpose-built for head-thrashing in amongst a heaving mosh pit. 

‘Waste’ even makes room for a killer electric guitar solo, with overdrawn strums that scratch a part of the brain scientists haven’t yet discovered.

While Psychoda are clearly at home in classic rock, they are unafraid to add more diverse flourishes, from the subtle glitch effect in the production to layered vocal harmonies.  

Psychoda single 'Waste'

The beauty of a song like ‘Waste’ is its propensity for catharsis. With instrumentation this blaring, you’re able to lose yourself, even just for a moment, and revel in the sonic chaos.

While Psychoda’s collective handiwork pulls the most focus, they are just as interested in storytelling. Lyrically, ‘Waste’ ruminates on the fear of wasting away, with mentions of feeling rancid and being “lonely in a crowd again.”

For all its gloomier moments, the track finds optimism in the form of its subject, as Psychoda sing of being able to “waste it with you… I’ll burn everything with you.”  

Psychoda single 'Waste'

Fresh off the release of ‘Waste’, Psychoda are set to perform a string of upcoming shows, including a set at Pinch Fest on March 31 and shows at Sydney’s Duke of Enmore and Newcastle’s King Street Warehouse.

In the meantime, listen to Psychoda below.