Locian wrestles with negative self-talk on new single ‘Power’

Whirring synths and spacious production form the basis of ‘Power’, the innovative new single from Sydney-based artist Locian.

The prospect of a sophomore single might be daunting for some, but Sydney-based artist Locian exceeds expectations with his latest offering ‘Power’.

An innovative and propulsive slice of trop-hop, the boundary-pushing release sees Locian — known off stage as Zak Roams — confront negative self-talk atop jittery trap production that later transforms into spacious ambience. 

Locian single 'Power'

Bound by an electro art-rock flair, ‘Power’ opens with catchy guitar melodies and pulsating hi-hats, as whirring synths add atmospheric texture to the track.

These rock-ier moments showcase Locian’s clear ear for the genre, complete with driving percussion, clashing cymbals and guitar chords that flit from psychedelic to spooky.

While all the staples of art rock are there, Locian sketches new sonic contours with a commitment to trip-hop, with flourishes of electronica that make ‘Power’ inhabit a genre that’s all its own. 

Here, Locian expands the sound with sci-fi-like synths, breathing atmosphere into the track with delicate vocals and harmonies so airy they might just touch the heavens.

Locian single 'Power'

The result is a track that feels boundless, as instrumental flairs fade into the sonic abyss and synths stretch the ear across a vast, unending soundscape.

To pull off such production wizardry is one thing, but Locian pairs his sonic signature with equally engrossing lyrics about vicious thought-loops and the inescapability of negative self-talk. 

“My soul,” he coos sinisterly on the first verse, “corruption seeping in.” Later, Locian questions who holds control and wrestles with the whispers in his mind, before succumbing to the poison of his own negative narrations.

It’s a dark and twisted tale that feels wholly universal, and one that compliments the haunting production Locian so effortlessly finessed. 

Locian single 'Power'

The feat is doubly impressive given that it marks Locian’s second-ever single, following the release of his debut effort ‘Just Begun’ in February.

Both tracks will appear on ‘Fears, Reflections & Shades of Time’, Locian’s debut album set to arrive early next year. If this most recent single is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. 

Listen to Locian’s new single ‘Power’ below.