Fan of The Doors? You don’t wanna miss Unlocking The Doors live

The Doors were one of the most controversial, influential, and unique bands to come from the 1960’s. Though Jim Morrison is one of those iconic frontmen most of us will never have the pleasure of watching live.

It’s a pity, yes. But who’s got time to sit around moping? Instead, come join the best Doors tribute band you’ve ever seen, and celebrate the band’s iconic career.

Most of us will never get to see Jim Morrison or The Doors live… which sucks, but luckily for us Unlocking The Doors perfectly capture the iconic band’s energy.

Unlocking The Doors’ frontman Richie has somehow managed to capture Morrison’s magic, while leaving behind all the tired clichés.

So, if you wanna catch all your favourite Doors tracks played live (and played properly)… you’re in luck. The band are currently touring around the nation, taking their energetic performance to audiences all over.

Do yourself a favour and head to any of the following dates, you won’t regret it.

July 20th – Milton, Ulladulla Ex-Servos (with Steve Edmonds Hendrix and Heroes show)
July 27th – Lizottes, Newcastle
July 28th – Django Bar, Marrickville
August 10th – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave (Melbourne)
August 18th – City Diggers, Wollongong (Autism Fundraiser)
August 24th – Central Hotel, Shellharbour
August 25th – Leadbelly, Newtown
September 7th – Brass Monkey, Cronulla

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