Fool's Union release groovy new deep-cut 'This Is Heavy' -

Fool’s Union release groovy new deep-cut ‘This Is Heavy’

This Is Heavy is Fool’s Union latest euphoric deep-cut that will leave you feeling lovesick.

Ontario rockers Fool’s Union is a band whose music consists of high-energy melodic riff rock, whilst swinging between their heavier and lighter sides.

With healthy diversions into other genres such as root rock, even adding Spanish and Indian textures into their music for that extra delicious flare. Their lyrical themes keep up with the demands of today’s modern society, toxic relationships, escapism, and exploration.

Fool's Union
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Fool’s Union have expressed their love for deep cuts, and is releasing a handful of numerous b-sides for their fans to adore before the holiday season hits. One of which is their lavish new single This Is Heavy, which sees the band taking a step back from their riff rock vibe, and stepping into a new sound of electronic and RnB.

This Is Heavy is a result of the band experimenting with soulful textures, such as a sexy vibrant bass line and funky drums. The band described it as being a track that is meant to be listened to chilling out on the couch, joint in hand, and waiting for your love to come home. With silky smooth guitar riffs and velvety vocals, This Is Heavy is a track that will have you feeling all fuzzy and doe-eyed.

This Is Heavy
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The track’s name was inspired by the phrase from the cult classic film Back To The Future, where our main man Marty Mcfly uses “this is heavy” as an expression for any situation that was complicated, ponderous, or serious.

If you have yet to dive into the world of Fool’s Union, then make sure you delve into their B-side This Is Heavy which you can now stream via Spotify below.