Forged from love of beer and psychedelia comes Mount Zamia

Forged from a love of Coopers Red, Home Improvement and neo-psychedelia comes Sydney’s Mount Zamia

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From the summit of Mount Zamia, five youngsters are beaming to Sydney some powerful waves of psychedelic pop and enthusiastic indie rock. It was a mutual love of Coopers Red and Home Improvement that brought the band together. Self nicknamed Mt Z, the cheeky lads are only new to the scene but are keeping super busy in the process of writing and recording their debut EP for all those craving swirling rock sounds.

MOUNT ZAMIA press shot

Brought together by a love of Coopers Red, Home Improvement and swirling neo-psychedelia, Mount Zamia are carving some fresh new lines into the face of Sydney rock with their debut single Pavlova.

“We want people to be able to immerse themselves in the tracks and momentarily forget about the fact they are on a train to work at a paint factory in order to make money to pay for rent and rice for the week,” says guitarist/producer Caleb Tasker. “Most songs are formed after the consumption of snickers and morning buns.”

Speaking of how the band got together, Tasker recalls: “I used to go to school in Coffs Harbour with Jai (vocals) and Charlie (guitar) & Brenton (drums), who hails from North America and met through college in Sydney. Everyone knows Jonny Blackwell (bass).” The lads’ tunes are heavily influenced from polar acts including POND, Grizzly Bear, Rae Sremmurd and even the guys from Title Fight. With an EP on the horizon, their first musical offering comes in the form of the tasty tones of Pavlova.

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Pavlova is a delectable treat honing in on jangly, feel good rock ‘n’ roll and tantalising riffs. Starting off slow and sweet the track soon picks up with a persistent hi-hat and echoey vocals. The track is indulgent with washy guitars and swirling soundscapes. Tasker implies it “is about no longer wanting to be around and with someone. It’s pretty bleak, but it’s equally honest and relatable. We called it Pavlova because juxtaposition is important.” Their debut EP is set to reach your earholes by Summer, penned by the band to be filled with “emotive progressions, chorus and phaser filler, psych sound design, and cheesy riffs with a post-pop influence.”

Their debut single in up on Banpcamp for free, a decision that seemed only natural for the band. “Making this song available for free download is a part of making our music accessible,” says Tasker. ” It just felt like a natural thing to do. It’s our way of giving a piece of digital Pavlova to all the people who stream/download it. I don’t think it’s completely necessary for upcoming bands to give away free music to be noticed, but as a listener, it certainly is an uncomplicated and enticing way to discover a new artist.”

They recently launched Pavlova at the Jaguar Club to the sweaty applause of punters and a little visit from the cops. If you want to catch of slice of these dudes they are playing at Waywards on October 17th alongside a secret headliner from Future Classic, plus I OH YOU DJs, Andy Garvey and Body Promise.