Fractures teams up with Rozes on ‘Chains’, a hit waiting to happen

Melbourne songwriter Fractures has formed an unlikely but very welcome alliance with ROZES, the fruits of their labour being a new track named Chains.

Chains sees Mark Zito move into a more pop-savvy direction than ever, without compromising on his indie edge. The track is bright, melodic, and hooky; simply a hit waiting to happen.

fractures rozes chains

Fractures emerges once more with grace on Chains, a stratospheric pop number calling in the heightened talents of Philly vocalist ROZES.

ROZES is a Philadelphia-based singer who has worked on a few not-so-small tracks with The Chainsmokers, Just A Gent, Nicky Romero, and many more. A gazillion streams later it’s clear she knows her way around writing a catchy tune, and here the harmonies she pulls alongside Fractures are nothing short of dazzling.

Chains hardly represents Fractures’ first foray into pop, however. He closed off 2018 with a stunning, stripped back cover of Benny Blanco’s radio chart-throb Eastside, and he’s never been one to shy away from mentioning his superstar influences

“Pop music influences a lot of my decisions no matter what music I write especially in my melodies,” said Zito of the track.

The track itself is focused on a relationship drifting apart, utilising some handy boating metaphors to conjure the image of two ships sinking beside one another. To float or to sink, to untie yourself from your passenger or go down with the ship? A sense of uncertainty provides a lovely thematic push-pull within Chains, a perfect backdrop for the combination of male and female vocals.

Fractures dropped his latest larger release Reset in early 2019, a beautiful EP fraught with moments of darkness and scintillating electronic elements. Chains represents an altogether lighter direction for the project, one we’re itching to hear more from – and soon.


Chains is out now via Fader Label / Caroline Australia.