binki is loveable and carefree on new single ‘Heybb!’

binki is a name that you’ll be hearing a lot more of. Since releasing his first single back in 2018, the North Carolina songwriter has accrued a healthy archive of certified bangers, and his latest single is no exception.

Heybb! gives out nothing but good vibes, all layered into an indie-pop/funk/hip-hop groove that rivals the best in the business. It’s a track that will make you want to dance, fall in and out of love, and crush some pillow forts with your mates once gathos are allowed again.


binki has unveiled his latest single, Heybb!; a potentially chart-topping new single and music video that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

After the release of only four singles, the actor-turned funk connoisseur has already made a name for himself amongst Brooklyn’s music scene, making clear his talent for balancing a diverse array of influences into one distinct sound. It’s full of sultry grooves, unexpected hooks, and carefree lyrics.

Taking notes from greats like Tyler, Pink Floyd, and GambinoHeybb! celebrates all the best parts of its patron genres. The song is a kaleidoscope of sweltering guitar solos, funky bass lines, sparkling percussion and vocals which are confidently unsure if they are spoken, spat or sung. All rising together to form binki’s breezy stylings that his fans all know and love.

“I really lean towards minimalism with my writing,” binki tells Complex about the track. “I try to strip things and just get to the point. But again, it wasn’t necessarily my intention, me and [producer] Chasen kinda just connected in this way for these tracks.”

The single has received an overwhelmingly positive reception, with many noting that this track will be the beginning of his rapid rise to stardom. Since signing with magnates FADER Label this year, home to the talents of Clairo and Charlie Burg, this may come sooner than expected for the singer.

Premiering last week, the track’s music video just adds another layer of charm to his creative output. Blending rapid Edgar Wright-esque cinematography and a loveable homemade essence, the clip transports you to a lazy weekend at home with the boys…or another weekend in iso. It’s this balance which will make you fall in love with binki.

The track, its music video, and his entire project feels like the work of a seasoned industry professional; strategically coordinating releases, marketing and videos. However, his DIY ethos just adds another layer of passion, lovability and charisma to his work.

“Yeah so this was my first stab at directing, so I took inspiration from a lot of things,” he noted about the video. “Me and my collaborator Lou just made it happen one day. I really don’t like planning shit. I prefer things to have some urgency to them. A lot of the best shit is improvised. I just feel like the magic comes in the moment. If planning and structure is hindering the moment, then you’re better off just dropping it.”

Adding to his long list of praises, it is this distinctive creative output that will take binki far. Already penning records with the potential to top charts across the world, we may see his name right up next to his influences in no time.

Check out Heybb! below: