Dave Grohl has likened the new Foo Fighters album to Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’

Of all the things we thought we would hear today, Dave Grohl calling the new Foo Fighters album their Let’s Dance wasn’t one of them.

The new revelation came from an interview Grohl held with his mother Virginia Grohl on the radio station ALT 98.7.

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl recently took to live radio to discuss coronavirus along with an update on what the next Foo Fighters album will sound like.

Let’s Dance, the classic album by David Bowie, brought new bombast to funk and dance music in the ’80s. Recorded with Chic frontman Nile Rodgers and featuring a plethora of incredible musicians, including the late-great Stevie Ray Vaughan, Let’s Dance optimises dance-rock. If the new Foo Fighters record has anything in common with that underrated masterpiece, we are in for something rather different from Grohl and gang.

Grohl explained, “It’s filled with anthemic, huge, sing-along rock songs. It’s almost like a dance record, not like a EDM, disco, modern dance record. It’s got groove, man. To me, it’s like our David Bowie’s Let’s Dance record. That’s what we wanted to make, ’cause we were, ‘Yeah, let’s make this really up, fun record!’ And it’s got its dark corners and whatever, but we were so excited to go out and play, and then we just hit pause on everything.”

All of this follows Grohl recently explaining that ghosts interfered with the recording of the Foo’s new album. Hopefully we get to hear this new side to the Foo Fighters soon.

Check out the full interview below and skip to 19:50 to hear Grohl’s statement on the new album.