Julian Munyard returns to the dance floor with new single ‘Baby It’s You’

With his second single in as many months, Baby It’s You, Julian Munyard solidifies his status as a discotheque hit-maker. 

Fresh off the release of Radio earlier this month, Julian Munyard has returned with an equally groovable new single in the form of Baby It’s True.

Coasting along on sunlit synth tones and a plucky bassline courtesy of Craig Calhoun, the new release feels like a tall drink of water, as Munyard’s rich vocals pave the way for a 70s-tinged reverie. “When I see you standing there, I pretend I don’t care,” the love-drunk Munyard croons on the chorus, “but baby it’s you.” 

Julian Munyard single 'Radio'

Punctuated by live drums and clean electric guitar, Baby It’s You draws upon the funk pop listeners previously enjoyed on Radio, with a distinctly live feel, aided by Munyard’s recording of the track at his Sunshine Coast studio. Later, Munyard delivers mono-syllabic verses atop subtle percussion and applause effects, before returning to his signature groove and mention of a muse who’s “got those moves.” 

There’s a dance-readiness to Baby It’s You, as if Munyard is serenading his subject under the shimmer of a disco ball. It’s the kind of swanky sonic aesthetic that a lesser artist might find difficult to nail down, but the 20-year-old singer possesses a clear understanding of his musical lane, to the point where you can’t imagine another musician handling Baby It’s You with quite the same flair.

Munyard closes out the track with whirring bird-chirp sounds and tinkling production, with his drummer Max providing a steady fade-out. “They’re classic chords that lend themselves to a great song,” Munyard said of the single’s production. “Max and I sat down and figured out the structure; him on drums, me on keyboard. We recorded the track all the way through, then I built it up from there, which is my favourite way of making a song at the moment.”

Julian Munyard single 'Radio'

Baby It’s You is the latest in a string of singles released by Munyard since his 2020 debut EP Talk in Pictures. Since then, the Sunshine Coast artist has shared Don’t You Love Me Yet, Everyone Does Best and last month’s Radio. Head here to check out Radio, and listen to Munyard’s latest effort Baby It’s You below.