French outfit BLOW unveil a glossy, lucid spectacle on debut album Vertigo

BLOW have hit it out of the park with their shiny new album Vertigo. Erasing the lines between genres, the Parisian four-piece soar with this electro-pop spectacle.

The group is comprised of Quentin Guglielmi, Thomas Clairice, Jean-Etienne Maillard and Pierre-Elie Abergel. With a shared interest in all thing rock, it’s easy to understand the significance of guitar and glittery melodies in their work. And while their influences far outstretch a musical framework, touchstones can be seen in Pink Floyd, Moderat, Darkside and Jungle.


With 13 glorious tracks to choose from, Vertigo by BLOW will take listeners on a profound pop journey riddled with purpose.

With three EPs under their belt, most recently Vertigo Introduction, BLOW are well and truly locking in their status as one of France’s finest. Seductive and lush in its style, their latest Vertigo flows with a dream-like lucidity.

Long known for bringing audiences to their feet at festivals such as We Love Green, Trans Musicales, Panoramas and more, Vertigo comes from the fruits of the band’s labour.

The record is glued together with glossy vocal stylings, embellished choruses, and surrealist lyricism. Adding to its strength are the elaborate guitar riffs, groovy bass, and well-placed drums lines. Crafted with an expert level of skill, the group draw on their longstanding musical backgrounds to bring the record to life.

Inspired by everything from film to love, road trips to change, each track delivers consistently on the fun and flair. Standout jams include New Moon Walker, marked by some ultra-ambience.

Green Unicorn traces the story of a man earning a living through fighting, while Get Some explores the tale of a fella’s adulterous relationship. Resentment intensifies the funk and It’s All A Lie provides for a brilliantly airy banger. You Killed Me on the Moon served as a vital stepping stone for the group, and for good reason. The track gained widespread recognition after soundtracking a Citroën advertising campaign.

Layered with tantalising electronic hooks and endearing storytelling, BLOW’s album glows bright with promise. Signalling a turn in the tide, this debut is one you’ll be talking about for years to come.