Australian cosmic country outlier, Freya Josephine Hollick has been busy traveling to the plains of the Mojave desert and back again.

To celebrate the launch of her long-awaited album The Real World, today via Cheersquad Records & Tapes. Our very own country darling Freya Josephine Hollick pens a letter to Townes. Possessed with all the poetic, loving contemplative depths that connect one singer-songwriter to another. 

Freya has an incredible depth to her songwriting, her voice harks to classic country, reverberating with a heartbreaking amount of vulnerability, that is supported by a very modern underlying composition. This tone resonates in her letter, poetically and persuasively. Much like in her songwriting, Freya’s letter to Townes wears her cosmic country stylings on her sleeves, and we love it.

freya j hollicks letter to townes

Dearest Townes, 

It’s Freya, I’m figuring that you might already know me, through that eternal hum of the universe where spirits like ours meet, in the breathless spaces between the “I love you’s” and the “everythin’ hurts”.

There seems to be a knowing written in the force of foreboding winds, that helps us find each other in our music once our bodies have departed. But just in case, I was born in Australia exactly two days after Blaze passed, and I’ve traveled with your music at my side for so long now, I can’t even remember exactly when. I just know it was long enough that as a young woman I named my dog after you, and he was a beautiful mess just the same.

Since I was little I carried some kind of plutonian weight in my heart, a sadness only someone exceeding my years at the time could know, and I felt when I heard your song that I was found, I felt like the words were mine, as if some fold in the space time continuum had allowed me to hear myself and send the words I needed right then and there.

But then I suppose of all artists of a poetic persuasion there will always be that same energy that courses through us, searching for the same thing, searching for salvation in the creation of songs and words that explain the indescribable, the unbearable and joyous experience that is living in a human body, often feeling as though we are too big or too much for our own skin. 

And, you know, I could write on that for hours, that limitless, endless, boundless feeling of being fully inside of a song. Better than any lover you’ll ever know, and always coming from the ether.

Is that something you felt too? That in your writing you were transported somewhere else, and that some heaving possession overtook your body and wrote like your life depended on it, and maybe you’d feel it on the stage too, when people finally heard the song.

Well, I’ll tell you about a funny evening I had with my dear twin Kerryn by the fire in my house at Bungaree, and we were sober as two very well-behaved nuns, ha, but we entered some space together spiritually and we felt that house fill with hundreds of artists, departed. And there was a goddamn rager going on, and well my twin and I we were totally possessed by you and one other, and we laughed as two old old friends. And now when I step out on stage, I feel you visit me, sometimes fully stepping into my skin, sometimes just sittin’ there with your legs hanging over the edge, just smiling and drinking and telling your stupid jokes.

See, I know to anyone reading this that wasn’t you or perhaps someone else who has fully given themselves over to the writing of words, that I sound certifiable, but quite frankly I don’t give a flying fandango. 

I could write forever to you, dear, sweet Townes.

Thanks for always holding my hand, and standing there to show me the way through.

All my love.

 Freya J Hollick


freya j hollicks

The Real World, is out today via Cheersquad Records & Tapes.