Fulton Street are gutsy and groovy as ever on 'Weight of the World'

Fulton Street are gutsy and groovy as ever on ‘Weight of the World’

Nothing gets the blood pumping like some old-school soul grooves. Fulton Street manages to make the whole affair sound effortless every time.

What an absolute treat to wake up to the newest invigorated sounds from Melbourne’s favourite party band – Fulton Street.

Recorded to tape for that sweet vintage tone, Weight of the World transports you to a land of street dancing, with a valuable call for inclusivity.

Fulton Street

On Weight of the World, frontwoman Shannen Wick showcases melodic improvisation like Al Green and an expressive range reminiscent of Amy Winehouse – and I’m not just saying that. She just happens to have one of those rare voices that cuts through the tight instrumentation with an undeniable growl and conviction.

“His wife’s a couple months pregnant, no one to help at all”, she sings powerfully, highlighting the unforgiving neglect migrants of Australia often have to face.

The rawness and striking tones of Wick give the serious subject matter an added level of believability and realism.


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But while the subject matter is serious, that doesn’t mean the instrumentation can’t be as playful and funky as possible – if you’re gonna reach the masses with an important message, you may as well do it in style!

The bright electrics are an absolute highlight; their sliding riffs play off each other as if their lives depend on it. The brass section even gets involved in the game of tug of war – no groovers left behind! It’s no surprise that the single came with an instrumental version to boot.

With live music returning to Australia very soon, make sure Fulton Street are on your must-see list. They’ll put a kick in your step and allow you to explore something of substance too.

That’s two out of two green ticks from me.

Listen to Weight of the World below: