Gender pay gap as high as 49% across major music labels in the UK

Amidst a change in UK law pushing companies with more than 250 employees to reveal their gender pay gaps, Universal Music UK, Sony Music UK, Warner Music UK and Live Nation have released their own stats on the matter.

Gender pay gap UK music labels
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Sony Music UK reported a median gender pay gap of 4.6%, while Universal reported a median pay gap of 16.7% with a near equal 74% of men and women receiving bonuses.

In a time where the lacking gender balance of the music scene continues to cop criticism, Music Business Week revealed the average gender pay gap across the major UK-based labels was over 30%. As Warner Music UK reports a gap of 49%, women are shown to lag behind men in terms of those receiving bonuses: 74% to 85%.

Likewise, while 42% of the company consists of female employees, those in leadership roles is at 16%.

Masha Osherova, EVP, human resources, WMG, stated through the company’s submission, “Our current gender pay gap numbers make starkly clear the need for us to accelerate the pace of change within our company. For the past three years, we’ve been focused on making WMUK a more dynamic and forward-thinking organisation.

While we’ve made real progress in many different areas, we’re acutely aware there’s still much more work to do, especially if we are to be as diverse and inclusive as we aspire to be and if we are to increase the number of women in leadership roles.

Via NME.