Get your cozzies on, you’ll be swimming in vibes when Big White hit the road in support of Teenage Dreams

Ah, to be free and to swim in the profound depths of fluorescent sonic colour that is live music. Aficionados of cathedral echoing guitar pop, Big White know the feeling and, this July will be on the giving end of such sweet relief.


Teenage Dreams is a modern twist on timeless soundscapes. With all the emotion of it’s predecessors, Big White plan on taking their immersive LP on tour.

The five-piece band of dreamers are hitting the East Coast in support of their dance tinged club rock album, Teenage Dreams. An album drenched in blue emotion, adolescent desire and all the sonic nostalgia of an 80s cult classic. The band’s solemn dream pop is reminiscent of the glory days of The Cure and The Smiths. 

The benevolent jangle of guitars dances, drunk with its encouraging rhythm section, sparking lucid dreams of the static catharsis of catching this band in the flesh. Any one of the dates on this tour is an opportunity to bathe in hot, purple stage lights and to dance in the thick, sticky vibes that emanate from every track.

Sing alongs aplenty, ever-flowing beers and an otherworldly freedom are some things to be expected when seeing a band in such a prime as this.

Don’t miss Big White, grab tickets here for one of the dates below:

Jul 01 Stanwell Park CWA Hall, Stanwell Park
Jul 09 Yah Yah’s, Melbourne Vic
Jul 10 Karova, Ballarat Central
Jul 15 Foundry, Fortitude Valley
Jul 16 Chippendale Hotel, Chippendale