GiggedIn is the music discovery stream you didn’t know you needed

Despite the hubbub around live music in Australia right now, we reckon there’s always a gig to find, if you know where to look.

That’s where GiggedIn comes in. They’ve created something special and unprecedented; they’re trying, along with so many others, to inject a consistent stream of artist discovery into the live music scene.

Photos: Dani Hansen

Sometimes, the best gigs are the ones you go into with little-to-no expectations. We spoke to GiggedIn to find out how they’re making live music easier than ever before.

The team behind GiggedIn are utilising people’s obsessions with technology to their advantage; their website helps to make shared experiences like gigs, comedy and movies more affordable, easier to attend, and something that you don’t have to save for an occasion or rainy day. GiggedIn wants to see live performances become part of everyone’s weekly ritual.

The team behind the site are making it easier – not to mention more affordable – to discover new music and experiences every week. If more people are out seeing live music, it’ll be more difficult to shut the industry down. It’s community service!

“We created GiggedIn because we think the key to living a great life is all about sharing experiences with good people,” says Edwin Onggo, GiggedIn CEO and Founder.

“Nothing tops the feeling of losing yourself at a live show so we’re all about using technology to make those moments easier and more affordable so it becomes more of a habit than staying at home binging on TV.”

The process is simple. First, sign up for an account. They’re free, and you can extensively browse through a curated list of the best live music events and experiences in Sydney or Melbourne each week. Once your account is set up, you can exchange credits for gigs, movies, comedy shows and more.

Once you RSVP to your first gig, your account will start rolling. The lowest plan is a measly $14.95 a month, the cost of a dinner, a drink or a few coffees here and there. Plans can be upgraded or cancelled at any point in time, and there are never any lock-in contracts or hidden fees. If you’re a regular gig-goer you’ll actually be saving money… it’s like Netflix or Spotify, but for shows.

Isn’t the best way to discover new talent by seeing them play live? We’ve all experienced that moment of walking into a show you know nothing about, or seeing a support act you’ve never heard of absolutely wreck it. Sometimes, the best gigs are the ones you go into with little-to-no expectations.

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GiggedIn not only helps punters out by providing the best access to gigs and performances, it also alleviates the pressure of selling tickets by allowing promoters, agents, artists and managers to focus on things that really matter – how the event feels, looks and sounds.

By developing an all-in-one platform that allows members to discover new talent and head to gigs they would never normally think of attending, GiggedIn is (slowly, but surely) changing the way the entertainment industry approaches event organisation. Worries about ticket sales will be no more; instead, promoters and artists can use that energy to double down on concepts and production.

“One of GiggedIn’s biggest strengths is its community of likeminded frothers that are keen to get out discover incredible artists and events,” shared Dan McAtamney, GiggedIn’s Operations Manager.

“Having this community of members ready to experience anything our cities have to offer allows us to help fill events up and alleviate that dreaded stress of ‘how ticket sales are tracking’. This will allow our event organiser to focus on creating new, exciting and innovative events rather than stressing out over how they are going to sell enough tickets or worrying about what they need to cut from the budget in order to not lose money.”

It’s the perfect way to bridge the gap between performers, venues and patrons, and it helps artists and promoters expand their event reach, meaning more people attend the shows they would otherwise be missing out on.

GiggedIn is for the people. They’re committed to providing the best experiences possible for musicians, performers and punters alike. You might just find your next obsession there.


Find out more about GiggedIn here.