Good Listening: 5 new releases you need to hear

In need of some good listening? It’s the end of the week, and we’re absolutely swimming in hot new singles, EPs and albums from around Australia and abroad.

If it all seems a little much for you, or you just love grabbing a few recommendations, we’ve picked out five essentials you should check out on your music rounds today.

It’s the end of the week, which means there’s good listening ahead. Here are five brand new releases which caught our eye.

Julia Jacklin- Crushing

Born from feelings of heartbreak, infatuation and loss, Julia Jacklin’s second album is devastating yet beautiful, her vocals and lyrics more raw than ever.

The Gooch Palms – Are We Wasted?

Back with a bang, the Gooch Palm’s new single is energetic as always, with pounding drums, iconic nasally vocals and heavy guitar chords, sure to go down a treat at their notoriously wild live shows.

The Murlocs- Withstand

With The Murloc’s new record Manic Candid Episode set to be released on March 22nd 2019, this hard-hitting single has definitely set the scene for what’s to come, the opening harmonica solo making a welcome return.

Alex Lahey – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

It’s been a big week for Alex Lahey with the announcement of a new album titled The Best of Luck Club as well as national tour set to kick off in May. This single includes an epic sax solo mid-way through as well as uplifting and relatable lyrics; yet another self-empowerment banger from the artist.

Alice Ivy – Close to you

Alice Ivy never fails to make people dance, and with this new electronic-pop release featuring Flint Eastwood she’s done just that. The song is sexy and upbeat, with scathing lyrics such as “You think you’re so cool” .