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Gio has surfaced in fine form with his touching acoustic ballad, Your Face


If you haven’t already, Your Face will make you join team Gio without question.

That’s right, solo artist Gio has just dropped his latest single Your Face and it is absolutely lovely.

Recording and mastering in a humble little tin-shack on the edge of a 20-acre farm, Gio has come to appreciate the beauty of simplicity, and Your Face is certainly a reflection of that.

Featuring nothing but the relapsing chord progressions of a soothing acoustic guitar, as well as the voice which has come to gain so much recognition from fans, Gio exposes himself, revealing his vulnerabilities to produce a work steaming with undeniably raw heartache.

Your Face gives the account of a lost lover or friend whose face remains deeply ingrained in the heart and mind of Gio, dancing on his peripheries and haunting his dreams. A master craftsman of emotive lyricism, Gio’s songwriting demonstrates poetic brilliance with just the right supplement of common phrases which make the song so accessible.

The chorus is an absolute anthem, inspiring urges to get amongst a singalong and chant away all the ailments of a love-torn soul. Your Face represents that far-away feeling of longing for that which you cannot have, a lyrical trigger that will have a diverse and personal effect on all those that hear the phrase.

Gio is the follow-up solo project of  Giovanni Agosta who has gained considerable success alongside long-time collaborator Injoy, which has seen the pair tour across Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Your Face is a brilliant step out into the world of solo artistry for this young star and has got us chomping at the bit to see what he has in store for his upcoming EP set to drop some time next year.

Get around Your Face via the link below:


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November 9, 2019