Glass Ocean create stellar ambient rock

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Glass Ocean are the kind of guys who in their down time play Xbox and offer up sacrifices to the resident cat Rogi. They’re also the kind of guys dedicated to creating stellar ambient rock music, and their latest offering II is no exception to the fact.

Glass Ocean

Sydney’s Glass Ocean have meticulously crafted a sound that is dynamic, enthralling and captures the excitement of their live shows.

Tobias Atkins and Nic Petterson are the founding fathers behind this indie rock institution. After a lot of experimentation with sounds and melodies they decided that a live band edge needed to be added and thus Josh Haworth-Webb joined on bass, Curtis Martin on guitar and Patrick (will always ask for a sip of your water) Smith on drums. It was with this dynamic combination that their self-titled debut EP was released in January 2014.

With a lot of success from this EP, the writing process began for what would be their second EP II. Speaking on what the writing process was like in preparation for the new EP Curtis said
Part of what we were aiming for with this release was to write a record that would directly translate into a live setting. We wanted to explore what we could pull off with an organic sound and we are proud of the final product“. The writing process though was not without its difficulties and the band found it quite a different experience then when creating their first EP. “This time round the challenge was to pull back a bit where we would usually try take it further. A more humble songwriting approach was needed because we wanted to simplify things and write something really different to the last one“.

A lot of consideration and time is put into creating the music and a videos of Glass Ocean. There is a real sense of imagery and art within their work that takes them from just being another indie band full of musicians to a group of artists that take their listeners through a story.  This devotion to imagery was attributed to them being “Big admirers of the performing arts. We are always finding ways to incorporate those kinds of elements to make something a little different than the norm“.

Ghost is the standout for Glass Ocean. Opening with a slow guitar strum, listeners are then exposed to Tobias’s deep and gritty vocals. It’s raw yet strong, composed and demanding. Ghost holds its own as a single with its dynamic and textured punch.

Glass Ocean are heading out on their Stellar Evolution Tour, for all the info click here.

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